Consumers Society

  • Introduction
  • Aims & Objective
  • Board of Directives
  • Audit Report
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trading Account


The Society, Br. Balasheb  Khardekar College, Vidhaythri Sahakari Grahak Bhandar ltd, is a registered society under Maharashtra co-operative act 1960, with register number SDG/ VNL/ CON/ 602/(2005/06) 2005; with survey number and postal address of Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla, Sindhudurg. The benefits of the above society stand restricted only for all members, which include all college, students, teachers, and non-teaching staff.

The governing body consists of 4 student representatives, 4 teacher representatives, 3 non-teaching staff, representatives, from the registration office, and a representative from the local management committee of the institution. This committee stands valid for five years. Society is graded `A’ for the last 15 years


Aims and Objectives

  1. The main objective of society, is to provide educational stationery and accessories of good quality at a reasonable cost.
  2. To create a sense of co-operation, saving, self-dependence among students and make them participate in all activities of the society.
  3. To provide free educational stationary (Journal, notebook) to economically weaker students.
  4. To predispose, the members from buying costly educational material from the market or other sources.
  5. To enhance cooperative moments among all members of society.


Board of Directors

Audit Report / Profit distribution

                      As per the Maharashtra co-operative Act, amendment 65 and 51, after the expenditures are deducted from gross profit, the future management fund amount (as per amendment 71 ) is deducted, and the rest profit amount is distributed under the following heads as per the concerned of general body advice.

  • Minimum 10 percent reserve fund.
  • Maximum 12 percent Dividend
  • Educational fund (Rule 53) by-laws
  • 2 % of share capital to labhavansh Samikaran Fund.
  • 2 % of share capital to Adhilabhavansh Samikaran Fund.
  • 20 % of profit for social and religious work.
  • From remaining profit 10 percent as secretary honorarium
  • From remaining profit 10 percent economically backward student fund.



Profit and Loss Statements

Printing & Stationery525.00Gross Profit33808.00
General meeting expenditure3040.00Bank Dividend-
Petty expense275.00Profit & Loss account8000.00
Traveling expense500.00Bank Interest284.00
Adjustment6883.00Reverse fund Interest20,780.00
Audit fee5000.00Interest200.00
Training1500.00Depreciation fund interest198.00
  Labhavansh Samikaran interest200.00
Total Profit52247.00  

Balance Sheet

Capital Rupees Assets Rupees
Official Capital 1,00,000.00 Cash in hand 700.00
Capital 28,400.00 Cash in bank 3415.00
Reverse fund 2,64,873.00 Investment 3,20,325.00
Outstanding 11,000.00 Assets 3446.00
Profit for next year 24,113.00 Closing Stock 500.00
Total 3,28,386.00 Total 3,28,386.00

Trading Account

Expenditure Amount Income Amount
Trade expense   Trade income 1,31,000.00
Opening stock 500.00 Sales  
Purchases 96192.00    
Travelling expense 1000.00 Closing stock 500.00
Trading expense 97692.00    
Gross profit 33808.00    
Total 1,31,500.00 Total 1,31,000.00