Sr. No. Name of the Document Links
1.1.1 Effective curriculum delivery documents View
1.1.2 CIE, Internal exam material View
1.1.3 BOS, Paper setter and assessment documents View
1.4.1 & 1.4.2 Feedback analysis reports of stakeholders View
2.2.1 Slow, advanced and Aviskar documents View
2.3.1 Student centric methods View
2.3.2 ICT enabled tools for teaching learning View
2.5.1 Internal Assessment documents View
2.5.2 Examination Grievances documents View
2.6.2 Attainment of PO, PSO and CO’s View
3.1.3 Seminar workshop reports View
3.3.1 Extension activities View
3.4.1 (a) e-copies of linkages View
4.1.1 Details infrastructure View
4.1.2 (b) Sports Culture Yoga and Gymnasium facilities View
4.1.3 ICT facilities View
4.3.1 Upgradation of IT facilities View
5.1.1 (b) Sanction letter 2017-18 View
5.1.3 (a) Capacity building initiatives View
5.1.4 (a) Additional-reports of competitive cell View
5.2.1 (a) Additional Inform Placement Proofs View
6.3.1 (b) Welfare Measures View
6.3.5 (b) PBAS forms scan copies View
6.5.1 (b) Significant contribution of IQAC final View
6.5.2 (b) Revision of teaching learning process through IQAC View
7.1.1 Specific facilities for women View
7.1.3 MOU with Vengurla Municipal Corporation View
7.1.3 (c) Waste management documents View
7.1.8 (a) Institutional efforts providing inclusive environment View
7.1.9 (a) Details of activities includes obligation values View
7.1.11 (c) Annual reports of various days View
7.3.1 (b) Additional distinctiveness final View
7.2.1 (a) Best practices View
7.3.1 (a) Institutional distinctiveness View