• Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Library Committee
  • Library Area
  • Rules
  • Facilities
  • Manuscripts
  • Visit of Mr. Moise
  • Registers

The central library of the institution was established along with the establishment of the institution in 1961. It is one of the important amenities of the institute. In the central library we have 21069 reference books and 10807 text books, manuscripts, rare books, e-books, e-journals, audio-visual material, daily newspapers, periodicals of various subjects. All these references and textbooks are used by more than 1400 students of the senior and junior wing of the college. Central library provided internet facilities for students and staff separately. The adequate space is provided for students and faculty in the central library. Electricity and other facilities which are needed for the library are adequate. At the centre of the library there is a glass cupboard in which new arrivals are displayed for the information of students and teachers.

There are a number of features of the central library but the main feature is the ‘rare collection of manuscripts of international importance’. Mr. Moise, a research scholar from Cambridge University visited the central library as part of his research in Sanskrit. He showed keen interest in the rare collection of manuscripts. These manuscripts are the ultimate creation of the great educationist and Sanskrit Pandit Late Principal M. R. Desai Sir who is one of the founder member of the institute.

Thus, the central library is the pride of the institute.


  • To provide curriculum books and to promote educational, research, cultural, recreational and informational requirements of students, teachers, researchers and general users.
  • To promote reading habits among students.
  • To promote effective use of library, user education / orientation of students.
  • Collection and organization of relevant documents recorded in various print and non-print media.
  • To provide full information support to the teaching-learning process in the college.
Sr. No Name of the Committee Members Designation
01 Principal Dr V. A. Dewoolkar
02 Dr P. R. Gawaden Member
03 Dr S S Bhise Member
04 Dr D S Patil Member
05 Prof. W. A. Gawade Member
06 Shri. S. A. Patil Member
Sr. No Description Area in Sq./ft.
01 Stack room 1596
02 Issuing Section 300
03 Faculty reading room 200
04 Reading room for students 600
Total 2796
  • The book will be issued only after the student’s Library card.
  • If a book is lost, defaced or damaged in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower.
  • Students must observe complete silence in the library and library premises.
  • Use of the internet and other library facilities for academic purposes only.
  • Suggest your valuable suggestions in the suggestion box or use the library feedback form.
  • Please maintain cleanliness and hygiene in and around the library premises.
  • Marking the page with ink or pencil or any other damage to book issued will make one liable to pay the current price of the book


  • Open Access Library Facility for All Stakeholder
  • Book Bank Scheme for Sc / St / Nt / Sbc Students
  • Book Bank Scheme for Third year students
  • Internet Resource Center (Free Internet Access To All Student)
  • Online E-books and Journals (Inflibnet’S N-List Programme)
  • Special Book Section for Competitive Examination Guidance Center
  • Reference Section
  • Periodical Section

A rare collection of manuscripts of international importance.

These manuscripts are the ultimate creation of the great educationist and Sanskrit Pandit Late Principal M. R. Desai Sir who is one of the founder members of the institute.


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  • Accession Register
  • Teaching Non-teaching book issuing
  • Journal, Periodicals and Newspapers
  • Student attendance in the library
  • Faculty members attendance in the library
  • Book Counting Register
  • Library Committee meetings
  • Student account in the library
  • Pamphlet Register
  • Stack Register
  • Student Book Issuing Register