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University of Mumbai
Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla
Avishkar Research Convention

  The Avishkar Research Convention is designed by Department of Students Development, University of Mumbai, with intention to develop a research culture and scientific temper among the students, scholars and teachers from under-graduate to doctoral level. The concept behind Avishkar was to encourage innovative thinking in students and faculty so as to provide solutions for existing problems. Research ideas / Projects were to be submitted in the form of abstracts / models / posters and they had to be necessarily innovative Amis and objectives of Avishkar :
  1. To inculcate research culture among students.
  2. To encourage original and novel thinking.
  3. To provide an opportunity for expression of academic talent.
  4. To promote interaction among academia R and D institutes and industries.
  The projects is to presented in six categories namely :
  1. Humanities, Languages and Fine Arts.
  2. Commerce management and Law.
  3. Pure Sciences.
  4. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.
  5. Engineering and Technology.
  6. Medicine and Pharmacy.
  Each college/ Institution was encouraged to send separate entries at the following four levels. Level 1: Undergraduate Students (UG) Level 2: Postgraduate Students (PG) Level 3: Post PG Students (PPG) Level 4: In-service teachers (TH) The financial assistance provided in the form of fellowships for innovative research development.

Department of Chemistry Intercollegiate Avishkar Research Convention

(District level round - Sindhudurg) Objective :
  1. Build mind to research work.
  2. To develop new ideas and practical skills.
  • Lad Pritish Jitendra praticipated in workshop on Avishkar Research Convention 2018 - 2019 at Vijayalakshmi Vishwanath Dalvie College,Talere, Dist. : Sindhudurg for Sindhudurg District / Zone on September 9, 2018.
Sr. No.      Student Name   Project Name                   Place        Date
1. Parab Hiroji Atmaram Estimation of Glucose in Biscuit S.H.Kelkar college, Devgad 28 Nov. 2015
2. Lad Pritish Jitendra Ninave Neha Mahadev Wild Vegetable in costal area Anandibai Raorane College, Vaibhavwadi 16 Dec. 2018
3. Gawade Neha Mahadev Nirmal Project Anandibai Raorane College, Vaibhavwadi 16 Dec. 2018
4. Mayekar Komal Shirish Wetlands of Vengurla Anandibai Raorane College, Vaibhavwadi 16 Dec. 2018
5. Kawthankar Nitin Shridhar Lad Pritish Jitendra Hardness of Water Padmashri Babasaheb Vengurla Mahavidyalya, Pandur titha 14 Dec. 2019
6. Mohit Karishma Yashvant Parab Mayuri Makarand Traditional way of floral design  _______ ______