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Department of Zoology is established in the year 1992. Earlier in in this college students were having the facility of undergraduate education only for arts and commerce faculty. For the education of Bachelor of Science students of 12th Science of this college has to opt forcefully either at Kudal (22 Kms from Vengurla) or at Sawantwadi (25 Kms from the Vengurla.) By considering the need of Bachelor of Science Late Member of Legislative Assembly Dilipraoji Desai Saheb and Mango growers of Vengurla took initiative and Faculty of Science with the subjects Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology were started from the academic year 1992 – 1993.

Aims and objectives of the department

           Basic aim of the department of Zoology is to create awareness regarding the wonders of animal world. Beside these objectives of the department is changing as per the scenario of environment. These things were reflected in the syllabus of the subject Zoology. Due to the global warming number of issues regarding the environment and biodiversity arises. To cope up with such burning issues Board of Studies in Zoology has shown the reflection in the syllabus. For example, Units like Ecosystem, Sanctuaries, Hotspots were included in the syllabus. Due to fast food life style, there is increase in number of diseases. In rainy season some bacterial diseases are common. Therefore, to fight smoothly such diseases Units like Nutrition and Common Diseases of humans were included in the syllabus. Overall to protect the endangered species, to conserve the extinct species, good health of the learners are the main objectives of the department.


A meeting with the Principal is conducted for the distribution of courses of FY and SY B. Sc. of semesters I and III. As the University of Mumbai offers CBGS system of Examination and the Board of Studies in Zoology offers Elective A and Elective B for course number VII and Course number X for semester III & IV respectively. Actually, these are paper number III of semesters III & IV. The first meeting is conducted in the beginning of the academic year at the department of zoology regarding the distribution of papers of semester I and making the resolution to elect one of the electives between Elective A and Elective B. Besides these other issues regarding conducting the library visit for the first-year students as per the suggestions of the NAAC Peer Team of the First cycle, to conduct the Body mass Index project for the semester II students, to conduct the excursion tour, preparation of PPT for the semester IV students, research activities, etc. issues are discussed in this meeting. Through discussion is also carried out regarding the University examination of FY and S Y B Sc. Another meeting is conducted with the Principal before the end of the semester I and III. In this meeting, a review is taken regarding the decisions taken in the first meeting. Also, the discussion is carried out regarding the syllabus completion report, attendance of the students who appear for the semester I and III, activities regarding the social outreach.


Sr NoClassSemTheory/ PracticalCourse CodeName of the Course

01F Y B ScITheoryUSZO 101Wonders of Animal World
02 ITheoryUSZO 102Biotechnology and Instrumentation
03 IPracticalUSZOP 1Animal interaction and Biodiversity
04 IPractical Laboratory Practices
05F Y B ScIITheoryUSZO 201Biodiversity and Population Ecology
06 IITheoryUSZO 202Hygiene and Common Diseases
07 IIPracticalUSZOP 2Population Dynamics and Field Studies
08 IIPracticalUSZOP 2Nutrition and Public Health
09S Y B ScIIITheoryUSZO 301Genetics
10 IIITheoryUSZO 302Animal Physiology
11 IIITheoryUSZO 303Applied Zoology
12 IIIPracticalUSZOP 3Principles of Heredity
13 IIIPracticalUSZOP 3Functional Anatomy
14 IIIPracticalUSZOP 3Functional Anatomy
15S Y B ScIVTheoryUSZO 401Cell Ultrastructure
16 IVTheoryUSZO 402Research Methodology
17 IVTheoryUSZO 403Reproduction, Embryology and Pollution
18 IVPracticalUSZOP 4Population Ecology & Research Presentation
19 IVPracticalUSZOExperimental Ecology & Reproductive Biology
20 IVPracticalUSZOCytochemistry


Dr. Vasantrao Maruti Patole
Asst. Professor and Head

M. Sc., M. Ed., Ph. D.

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Non- teaching staff

Shri. Sanjay Parab
Laboratory Assistance
Mr. Pramod M. Kamble
Laboratory Attendant

10th B.A.


Sr No Academic Year Class
B Sc - I B Sc - II Total
Male Female Total Male Female Total
01 2015 – 2016 09 16 25 03 09 12 37
02 2016 – 2017 12 17 29 05 11 16 45
03 2017 – 2018 24 18 42 00 11 11 52
04 2018 – 2019 10 11 21 14 05 19 40
05 2019 - 2020 11 12 23 07 08 16 39




Period / DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
I. 08.00 – 08.48B. Sc-II -Dr PatoleB. Sc-II -Dr PatoleZoology    
II. 08.48 - 09.36   B. Sc-II -Dr PatoleB. Sc-II -Dr PatoleB. Sc  II -
III. 09.36 – 10.24B. Sc-II -Dr PatoleB. Sc-II -Dr PatoleZoology    
10.24 – 10.44S    H    O    R    T   -  R    E    C    E    S    S
IV. 10.44 – 11.32    B. Sc -I -Dr PatoleB. Sc -I -Dr Patole
V. 11.32 – 12.20B. Sc -I -Dr PatoleB. Sc -I -Dr Patole    
VI. 12.20 – 01.08  B. Sc -IB. Sc -I  
VII. 01.08 – 01.48      
 P     R     A     C     T     I     C     A     L     S
08.00 – 11.00B. Sc –I (C)B. Sc –I (C)B. Sc -I Dr Patole (D)  B. Sc -I Dr Patole (D)
11.00 - onwards   B. Sc-II -Dr PatoleB. Sc-II -Dr PatoleB. Sc-II
Sr No  Name of the Activity Particulars of the Activity Date/Year
01 Nutrition and Health Pej Yojana (for the students of FY & SY) 2017 - 2018
02 Guest Lecture for SEM IV Dr. Mangesh Jambhle 10.04.2017
03 Rescue operation of Kingfisher At College Campus 15.06.2017
04 Library Visit with FYBSc Students As Per Guidelines of NAAC Peer Team 27.09.2017
05 Donated 25 Books at ZP School, Vengurle. “Vachan Prerana Din” on the occasion of  daughters birthday. 15.10.2017
06 Mangrove Safari At Mandovi estuary, Vengurla 21.12.2017
07 Book Distribution Ceremony At S. K. Patil College, Malvan. 12.06.2018
08 Visit to Mathematics Day Celebration At Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla. 22.12.2018
09 Plantation (One Student One Tree) For SYBSc Students 2018 - 2019
10 Excursion at Vayangani, Vengurla Study of Olive ridley 17.04.2019
11 Rescue operation of Owl At College Campus 27.04.2018
12 Donated Rs. 5,000/ as Flood Relief Fund To Jijamata Trust Karad
13 Donated Rs. 10,000/ as Flood Relief Fund To Sangali Zilha Nagarvachanalay 09.09.2019
14 Cleanliness Movement Cleaned Wayangani Sea Shore 24.09.2018
15 Donated Sound system with Mike At ZP School, Vengurle. On the occasion of  daughter’s birthday. 15.10.2019